If the phone turns off by itself, then in most cases the cause can be determined on your own. The main thing is to follow simple recommendations and do everything carefully so as not to damage the internal hardware modules on Android and not cause the operating system and installed applications to crash. Not all malfunctions are eliminated on their own, some require diagnostics at a service center and repair with special equipment.

The most common reasons for shutdown

A smartphone is a mini-computer with a mobile communication module, so the diagnostics and repairs are similar. The work becomes more complicated due to the small size of the parts, so everything must be done carefully. Often times, software problems are much easier to fix and do not require physical intervention. If the smartphone turns off itself during normal charge, the reasons may be as follows:

  • Installation of low-quality applications or their incorrect operation on a specific phone model. Now there is a lot of different software in Google Play, it does not always work correctly. For diagnostics, log in to the system by turning on safe mode (each model has its own characteristics, you can find the login order through the search). When everything works correctly, just uninstall a few applications.
  • Crashes in the installed system. If even in safe mode the device turns off after some time, you should reset the firmware to factory settings. This option will return the equipment to the state in which it was purchased in the store. When the problem has disappeared, install all the necessary applications back, and do this gradually in order to immediately remove the program that is not working correctly.
  • Factory reset does not always solve the problem, sometimes you need to rearrange the firmware. You can do this yourself, but you need to find the order of actions for your model and follow the instructions step by step. If you don't want to do it yourself, take it to the repair shop, usually they do the work quickly - no more than half an hour.
  • Overloaded with games, watching videos or other resource-consuming applications. At the same time, individual parts of the phone heats up, it is easy to detect a malfunction by touch. Because of this, overheating protection is triggered, which turns off the equipment. Another option is the incorrect distribution of energy by the battery due to increased loads. It is necessary to find out if this problem is typical for the model, if so, then do not use resource-intensive applications.
  • System crash when connecting to a network, turning on Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. Occurs due to damage or failure of the firmware. Solve the problem by resetting to factory settings, if this did not help, reflash the system, since there is no other way to restore normal operation.
  • Contact closure when wired headphones are plugged into the smartphone connector. Most often this happens due to the ingress of debris or accumulation of dust, you can remove it with a needle or other thin object. The reason may be damage to the headphones (they need to be replaced), or the closure of the contacts - in this case, the connector is replaced, it is better to do this in a workshop.
  • Physical damage to individual parts of the equipment. The most common reasons are phone drops and bumps. It is difficult to diagnose such malfunctions, the easiest way is to refer them to specialists to check and replace the faulty part.
  • Moisture on internal parts or oxidation of contacts. Moreover, it is not necessary to drop the smartphone into the water, it can accumulate due to high humidity or with sudden changes in temperature. When equipment gets into a warm room from the street, condensation forms, which damages the contacts. You can fix the problem by cleaning it in a workshop.

When the phone turns off by itself, you need to start looking for a problem with simple options and gradually move to more complex ones. It is important to understand when the malfunctions began in order to understand under what conditions this happened, so it will be much easier to understand what caused the malfunctions and where to start checking.

Because of what the phone does not turn on

If for some reason the device turns off and does not boot the system, it is worth checking a few nuances to find the cause and eliminate it. Of course, for a start, just put it on charge, because when the battery is empty, the phone turns off by itself and cannot boot due to lack of energy. Follow a few simple steps:

  1. Reboot device. To do this, you usually need to press a certain key combination, which differs for different models. Sometimes the system just freezes, so this simple action will help to start it up again.
  2. If the battery is removable, remove it. You can install back not earlier than after 1 minute. This helps fix system crashes that prevent Android from starting.
  3. Try using a different charging lead or check the connector. Sometimes the battery simply cannot charge normally or malfunctions occur due to contact closure.
  4. When there is not enough memory, the download occurs, but even when fully charged, the phone turns off or simply freezes and does not respond when you press the sensor and keys. Fix the problem by optimizing the system, as well as removing several applications to free up space.
  5. Memory card incompatibility. Sometimes, due to a conflict with a USB flash drive, Android may not load. Check it out - remove the additional card and try to start without it, if everything is fine, then this is the problem.
  6. Faulty power button or loop that fits to it. Because of this, the phone turns on and off by itself, entering the looping mode. This breakdown can only be determined by diagnostics in a repair shop, the problem is solved by replacing the faulty part.

Do not forget the reason that the phone is constantly turning off, it may be a fall, mechanical damage or water ingress. And if there are no apparent reasons, it is better to diagnose. Another non-obvious reason is viruses that can get into the system when you visit questionable sites and download files.

Reasons for disconnecting during a call

If the Android phone turns off by itself during a call or connection, then there may be several reasons. And they differ from previous situations, since in this case the problems are most often different, sometimes they can be solved on their own, but some will require the intervention of specialists:

  1. Software violations in messengers, if failures occur when making calls through them. Removal and reinstallation will help. When the shutdown occurs when making calls over the mobile network, the problem may be a system problem.
  2. Malfunctions in the battery. They are expressed in the fact that with an incoming or outgoing call, the energy is not correctly distributed between the system modules. Because of this, a failure occurs and the equipment is turned off. To make sure that this is the battery, the easiest way is to install a working version from another phone. If the problem disappears, replace the battery.
  3. Damage to the mobile sensor. It breaks down for various reasons - from a factory defect to a worn-out module or damage due to a fall, water ingress, etc. The problem can be fixed only in a service center, often the price of repair is such that it is easier to buy another device than to invest a significant amount in an old one.

It is important to understand when the phone turns off - during a conversation, during games, under load, etc. Then it is much easier to decide where to look for problems, which elements to check. Starting with the simplest, most of the problems can be eliminated with the simplest steps.

What to do if the phone turns off

When the system shows a normal battery charge level, but at the same time periodically or from time to time overloads or turns off, look for the problem in the battery or power system. There is nothing difficult, the main thing is to follow the simple recommendations in order:

  1. Check the battery. Above 2 years old, it may not hold a charge well or give off energy unevenly, causing a shutdown. With a removable back cover, remove the battery and inspect it for swelling, if there are visual problems, replace immediately, it can no longer be used.
  2. Inspect the contacts, from time to time they oxidize or bend and do not fit tightly, this may be the reason that the phone is constantly turned off when moving. Solve the problem by cleaning the contacts or by carefully bending them, for this use a small screwdriver or a female hairpin. Do not overdo it so as not to break thin metal elements.

If the phone is constantly turning off and on while charging, then there may be several reasons. Each of them has its own characteristics, but it can be difficult to determine a specific malfunction at home:

  1. Incorrect operation of the charger, damaged cable and other problems with this element. Use a serviceable version that matches the characteristics.
  2. The power connector is out of order, because of it, even when fully charged, the phone turns off or overloads, the reason is the damage to the power circuit. In addition, the time it takes to charge the battery will increase.
  3. Damage to the power controller. Another common reason, and repairs will cost much more than in the previous case. It is possible to determine only when diagnosing.
  4. Sometimes the board-to-board loop is damaged. This causes power interruptions and starts cycling on and off.
  5. Calibrating the battery will help resolve the failure. To do this, you need to discharge the phone so that it turns itself off, then remove the battery and leave it separately for 5 minutes. Put back, charge without turning on the device until the green light comes on. Remove the battery again for 5 minutes, put it back in place and press the power button.

In some models, the entire bottom board with the power controller and connector fails over time. The easiest way is to look for information about problems, most often it is described there, but what to look for in case of a particular breakdown.

What to do first

Follow a few simple guidelines before taking your phone for repair. If the reason is not damage to the device modules, the problem can be solved on your own, even without experience in this area. Do the following:

  1. Replace the battery if it discharges quickly or malfunctions. Sometimes you can use the phone while it is charging, this option will help you stay in touch until a new battery is purchased.
  2. Reset system to factory settings when shutdown occurs due to system failures. If the Android is seriously damaged, flashing it according to the instructions for a specific model.
  3. If moisture is found when removing the battery, dry the phone properly. Remove water with a cotton swab, leave the device disassembled in a warm place. Do not use a hair dryer and, moreover, a microwave oven for acceleration - this melts the microcircuits.
  4. Clear memory, make sure that the processor is not overloaded.

Most often, the phone starts to turn off after a fall or due to malfunctions in the charging system and battery wear. When the problems are more serious, it is better to send the device for repair, do not try to re-solder or remodel something yourself.

It is not difficult to figure out why the equipment on Android starts to turn off and on, if you understand under what circumstances problems begin and what provokes them. Small malfunctions and flashing the system can be done on their own, the replacement of the connector, power controller and other modules should be entrusted to specialists.

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