In modern smartphones on the Android platform, you can install many applications. Most of them are used for entertainment, work organization or health monitoring. But there are those with the help of which they perform various works in construction, they replace the bulky, space-consuming tool. The review contains the most popular options tested in practice.

Applications for a specific type of work

If you need to frequently carry out measurements, calculations and other work of this type, you can cope without using traditional devices. It is enough to figure out in advance which tool can replace a smartphone, download and install the program. To do the job correctly, practice beforehand. The following applications have proven themselves best:

  1. Ruler. The simplest version, in which a scale is located along the entire length of the screen. Use to check the length of small elements: screws, corners, etc.
  2. Digital roulette. Augmented reality technology is used, in which you need to first scan the room so that the application detects the horizontal and vertical planes. Then determine the distance to a wall or other plane. The main thing is good lighting, and the working area should not be cluttered with foreign objects.
  3. Sound level meter. Determines the noise level in decibels and shows how it meets the standards. You can check the indicators for different jobs in order to understand whether protective equipment is needed.
  4. Building level. There are two options - the first analogue of the bubble one, with its help it is easy to check the plane and find out the error. The second is a laser one, through the smartphone screen it is determined whether an object is evenly exposed or whether a picture is hung on the wall.
  5. Metal detector. The application is suitable for models with a magnetic field sensor. With the help of the program, they find where the electrical wiring is laid in the wall, nails or screws. It is not difficult to find metal elements in the ground at shallow depths.

  1. Lantern. All models already have this app. But to expand the functionality, they download programs in which both a flash and a smartphone screen can shine. Also as add-ons can be a stroboscope and Morse code support.
  2. Engineering calculator. With its help it is easy to calculate the area of ​​any shape, the volume of the room, etc. In many options, it is possible to enter formulas if you need to count the same indicators every day.

There are many applications, each of the described additions is in dozens of variations in the Android play-market. To choose based on convenience, the easiest way is to try 2-3 options, since they can differ in the features of the application and work differently on different models of smartphones.

Universal programs

There are multifunctional solutions so as not to install several applications, the set of functions in them differs, so you should select according to your needs. But there are a number of tools in almost all variants, more often they include the following:

  1. Lantern.
  2. Engineering calculator.
  3. Compass.
  4. Building level.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Protractor.
  7. Dog whistle.
  8. Calculation of the area and volume of the room.
  9. Morse code converter.
  10. Convert speech to text.
  11. Sound level meter.
  12. Magnifier.
  13. Barcode reader.

There may be other useful additions. Programs should be selected for your type of activity. Most often they are free, but there are also paid options in which the functionality is much wider.

With the Android app, the smartphone can replace different tools. Moreover, the accuracy of measurements or control of the plane will be much higher than when using conventional devices. It is not difficult to use the add-ons, it usually takes a few minutes to understand the features of the application.

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