Convenient and functional reading mode on Microsoft Edge for the laziest readers allows you to select basic information from the resource you are viewing without pop-up ad units, flickering banners or voluminous images. The function is available not only on the original browser from Microsoft, but is also built into the browser programs Safari, Chrome, Mozilla.

Features of the Reading Edge function

The developer of popular software products Microsoft has developed its own browser, Edge Canary. The creator has provided convenient reading functions in the program for Internet users. The utility is not activated during automatic installation. To use the reader mode, you need to configure the program.

The main task of the reader mode from Microsoft is to improve the conditions for viewing and reading the information published on the site by users. When the functionality is enabled, the content is displayed in the form of text and graphic images. There are no ads, animations, videos, pop-up notifications on the page.

Features of Microsoft Edge Reading Mode:

  • selective work on separate resources and pages. The convenient display of the article text may not appear on the main tabs or positions with a small text volume. The program starts automatically, only when publishing content with more than 2000 characters;
  • the reader utility is part of the browser test program. When using it, changes in the interface or functionality may periodically occur. The developers are improving the mode. It will take 6 to 10 months before the stable version is introduced. The creators have not named a final launch date for the full-featured browser;
  • intuitive settings. The menu for adjusting the utility parameters is displayed in a convenient form. The user can independently configure the browser for comfortable study of information;
  • Check the software for updates before using the function. Before configuring, use the menu for searching for new versions so that the program works in full, with all the parameters configured;
  • transfer of bookmarks from a third-party browser program. When using previously other browsers and saving popular sites in the favorites tab, you can transfer the data to the new browser and study the information in a compressed reader form. The Microsoft Edge browser product allows you to import the most frequently used resource pages. This function is activated from the settings panel;
  • the utility compresses a text fragment, formats the font and text size, and removes animated graphic elements. When you turn on reading mode, you will see a page with information and several static images supporting the article;
  • selection of interface colors - dark or light.

Reader mode activity can be tracked by the icon in the top browser bar. If the function is fully operational, an icon in the form of a book is displayed next to the address field. The absence of the icon means that the utility is not activated. Microsoft Edge helps to receive structured information in the form of blocks and paragraphs, save user traffic, and not overload RAM.

How to enable reading mode

Microsoft Edge Canary software can be manually enabled after installing the browser on your computer or mobile device. In the official builds of the browser, this utility is under testing. To activate reader mode, follow these steps:

  • type in the upper address field the phrase edge: // flags;
  • in the list that appears, select the Microsoft Edge Reading View icon;
  • change the default mode Default to Enabled;
  • restart your browser.

After activating the reader mode, configure the utility through the menu. In the upper right corner, open the settings, select the Edge item, go to the tab. Set parameters for convenient use - font size and type, background fill. Periodically clear your cache, browsing history, and version updates to maintain browser performance. Include a book-shaped icon on the desired pages to translate content into an easy-to-read form.

Mark your most visited resources as favorites. When using a browser with reader mode activated and clicking the star icon, you will automatically open pages in a compressed form, without pop-up ad units, videos, animation. In the browser panel, sites requested from a device or an authorized account will be displayed automatically in order of frequency.

Microsoft Edge lets you install the Compact Reader Mode extension. The utility setting compresses the text fragment, converts the font, and removes animation elements. The user can quickly find information of interest, supported by pictures with signatures. To activate the software product, manually install the useful functionality in the browser menu. The translation of pages into reader mode is carried out by pressing the icon representing the book.

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