Google Chrome consumes a lot of resources when working or watching entertainment content. If you need to keep several sites open at the same time, then the amount of spent memory increases so much that the system begins to slow down, freeze. New pages are opened with a delay, most often users think that this is due to the low speed of the Internet, in fact, the reason is the overload of the computer or laptop.

Cause of the problem

The Google Chrome browser, like other similar programs, slows down the system very much during operation. This is especially noticeable on low-power equipment with up to 4 GB of RAM. 5-6 open pages take about a gigabyte, and if there are more of them, then the equipment is overloaded and all applications open and work with a noticeable slowdown or freeze for some time.

All open sites are not static, they take resources from RAM, and they do it all the time. It also creates a load on the processor, due to which the performance decreases significantly. The developers of Google Chrome, starting with version 79, introduced the Tab Freeze function, it solves the problem due to the fact that pages that are not used for a long time are automatically unloaded from the computer's RAM.

Due to this, performance is increased. And when the site reopens, work starts from where it left off. The function is similar in principle to the Tab Discard application, but unlike it, it is launched not due to lack of physical memory, but after a certain time.

How to enable freezing tabs

First of all, check the version of Google Chrome, since Tab Freeze can be run from version 79 and newer. To find out, click on the "Settings and Management" button (three vertical dots in the upper right corner). Then find the item "Help", at the top there will be all the necessary information. Also, there is immediately data on the availability of updates, the old version is easy to automatically update. To activate the freeze function for inactive windows, do the following:

  1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome, in which write or copy the command: chrome: // flags / # proactive-tab-freeze. Press "Enter", then a window will open.
  2. At the top there will be an item Tab Freeze, it is easy to find it, since it is highlighted in yellow. On the contrary, there is a module with a drop-down menu, click on it.
  3. To enable, select the "Enabled" command. For the changes to take effect, click on the blue "Relaunch" button that appears in the lower right corner. Then close the tab.

By default, pages are frozen 5 minutes after they were last viewed. You can also choose "No Unfreeze" so that information is constantly unloaded from RAM. If you need to refresh open sites from time to time use the "Unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes" option. In this case, every 15 minutes, a defrost will be performed for 10 seconds to update the content.

Using tab freezing on Google Chrome offloads the computer's RAM and processor, which is especially important for low-powered hardware. The main advantage is that you can keep the sites you need open without wasting resources and slowing down your technology. It is easy to enable the function even for those who do not understand browser settings.

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